Lacking a good title since 1999

Getting the most from your mobile

So, a quick tip for anyone who's got a contract mobile phone... If you've been on the same tarrif for any length of time or haven't upgraded recently you can exploit take advantage of the fact that the network you are on will happily offer you a better deal rather than loose you. The magic phrase you need is:

I'd like my PAC code please as I've seen a better deal with network X and I'd like to switch to them.

The Gallery returns

Well Gallery2 actually. After a server upgrade and some tinkering I have managed to not only get the gallery of all my photos back online but got the drupal integration working properly (well at least until i can move the gallery menu into the drupal one...) Now all I need to do is add some recent pictures... At least you now get a random image in the righthand column anyway... nice!

Oh and then sort out the rest of the site! :)

Batman Begins...

Saw Batman Begins last night, on my tod (which I don't think I've ever done before - how bizarre is that!?). Superb film, really, quite verily good. Honest to the story of Batman, great cast, plausible (in a comic book sense) script. Mr Nolan I thank you for helping rid the memory of Arnie and George Clooney from the annals of Batman's cinematic history.

Drupal rocks! *ahem*

Well I've spent most of the afternoon hacking about with Drupal for work (not this site) and it never fails to impress me a) how well it is written, or b) how quick it can be to implement something (caveat: once you know how it works!).

For anyone that cares I've been modding the ecommerce module to allow VAT to be applied to products and calculated properly. You can even set a VAT rate in the store admin. Jubbly.

20:24pm... home time.


Right then, we're getting somewhere. First things first some kind of list of things to sort out.

* A theme using some nice tidy CSS and a smattering of graphics to make it all look nice.
* Restoring the old Gallery install I had up with all my photos from things
* Installing a few useful modules and the like
* Setting up some "content" and things I've been meaning to post somewhere
* Actually posting some blog-worthy stuff
* Working out if anyone is reading this and if so what the hell they are doing here :)