Getting the most from your mobile

Submitted by george on 27 January, 2006 - 22:37

Getting the most from your mobile

So, a quick tip for anyone who's got a contract mobile phone... If you've been on the same tarrif for any length of time or haven't upgraded recently you can exploit take advantage of the fact that the network you are on will happily offer you a better deal rather than loose you. The magic phrase you need is:

I'd like my PAC code please as I've seen a better deal with network X and I'd like to switch to them.

Faster than a speeding bullet you'll find yourself speaking to someone from "retentions" who'll gladly upgrade your minutes, texts and handset. And reduce the contract cost. If you don't want a new handset, either take a good one and sell it to someone who does or perhaps they'll offer you some free airtime instead... who knows :)

Make sure you know where you're going first though, "3" is always a good bet, they're busting for some new customers...