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'Blue moon' update

Well my more recent foray back into Drupal has led me to be sitting here at nearly midnight on a Saturday night upgrading my install of Drupal for this site to 5.10 (and Gallery to the latest version). All nice and secure now (gives me that fuzzy feeling - or is that a lingering beer buzz?).


Right then, we're getting somewhere. First things first some kind of list of things to sort out.

* A theme using some nice tidy CSS and a smattering of graphics to make it all look nice.
* Restoring the old Gallery install I had up with all my photos from things
* Installing a few useful modules and the like
* Setting up some "content" and things I've been meaning to post somewhere
* Actually posting some blog-worthy stuff
* Working out if anyone is reading this and if so what the hell they are doing here :)