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Real Men Love the Fifth Element

An awesome write up to one of my favourite films. If you haven't seen, it shame on you!

Perfect lunchtime reading... (umm lunch right *stomps out the door*)

Real Men Love the Fifth Element on DoubleViking

george 15 July, 2007 - 13:50

Another great example of what you can do with Google Maps...

Google Maps/Google Video Mashup of 'Rendezvous' a film by Claude Lelouche Genius.

george 14 August, 2006 - 10:39
At last!

One of my favourite books is finally getting made into a film! If you like a bit of sci-fi or just a really good page turner definitely check out this book Steven Gould's 'Jumper'

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george 14 August, 2006 - 09:46