Baby note 1

You can trick/persuade/coerce a baby who only eats when distracted (but is very good at picking up food from the table) into eating better using a simple technique. Rather than giving a whole rice cake break the rice cake up into bits and in the time it takes her to retrieve all the bits and pop them in her mouth you'll have snuck almost half of her dinner into her mouth without so much as a blink. Rinse repeat, dinner done.

Never, ever...

...assume that carrying a baby from her nursery to her bath without a nappy or towel of any kind is a good idea. But just be thankful that you weren't holding her up close at the time, and that hopefully in time no-one will notice the stains.

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'Blue moon' update

Well my more recent foray back into Drupal has led me to be sitting here at nearly midnight on a Saturday night upgrading my install of Drupal for this site to 5.10 (and Gallery to the latest version). All nice and secure now (gives me that fuzzy feeling - or is that a lingering beer buzz?).

Play music to your unborn child with your iPhone!

The wife and I realised that we should be playing music to our unborn child a bit more, and so sprog would seem to like to boogie. Not needing an excuse to use my iPhone we discovered that propped up the iPhone can play music directly out of the speaker in the bottom into the bump. The first track we played was Hoppipola by Sigur Ros (our wedding song) which went down very well. Lacking any classical music to play I opted for Axel F next...

Jeez it's been a long time since I posted something!

Yikes, talk about infrequent updates! Good job I don't get paid to blog, I'd have been fired a long time ago! Hopefully I'll have some time and inkling to update this site and be more blog friendly. I guess I've gotten too used to tagging and bookmarking interesting stuff and not sharing it with the world anymore. I'll add some feeds from Google Reader and pretty soon.

Update: well there we go, new theme, reorganised menus and some more interesting and up-to-date feeds should make 2007 the least busy in terms of blog posts but top for activity on the site as a whole. And I've only spent an hour and a half!

Smokey and the Bandit lives!

Like a strange followup to my Rendevous post (in a very round about kind of way), this is awesome! Dangerous and stupid, but still awesome!

The Pedal-to-the-Metal, Totally Illegal, Cross-Country Sprint for Glory - Wired Blog

Real Men Love the Fifth Element

An awesome write up to one of my favourite films. If you haven't seen, it shame on you!

Perfect lunchtime reading... (umm lunch right *stomps out the door*)

Real Men Love the Fifth Element on DoubleViking


Another great example of what you can do with Google Maps...

Google Maps/Google Video Mashup of 'Rendezvous' a film by Claude Lelouche Genius.

At last!

One of my favourite books is finally getting made into a film! If you like a bit of sci-fi or just a really good page turner definitely check out this book Steven Gould's 'Jumper'

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How long before we're all using an interface like this?

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